Hootenanny Cafe Mini Concert

(MST, UTC-07) (MST, UTC-07)

Hootenanny Cafe Radio. WTBQ.com

On- line radio show on WTBQ.comThe Hootenanny Cafe Radio Show Each week the Hootenanny Cafe presents a particular "featured artist" (or group) on the Mini Concert. The artists program their own mini concert (song selections and order of songplay). In addition, they choose a particular theme for The Singer Songwriter Showcase segments, which encourages, and presents, singer songwriters from around the world, to send in songs based on that week's theme. The Hootenanny Cafe is truly a home for songs that may otherwise, not be heard elsewhere. Where to Hear the Hootenanny Cafe Radio Show In the Hudson Valley listen to WTBQ 93.5 FM every Sunday at 9:00PM (Eastern) or you can listen from anywhere at WTBQ.com.

In NYC and New Jersey listen to WGHT 98.3 FM every Sunday at 9:00PM (Eastern). Listen every Thursday and Friday at 10:00PM (Eastern) at BellBuckleRadio.com