Mark Bishop Evans

Mark grew up in southern California where his major musical influences were Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary and most all of the folk, folk rock and beach music of the early sixties. 

Originally a trumpet player, his desire to sing caused the transition to guitar in his early teens. Listening and playing the folk and protest music of the late sixties inspired him to begin writing his own songs. 

His musical migration has taken him through folk rock, pop, country, gospel and back to folk where it all began. It has been noted that he has a way with words and melodies, bringing them together in meaningful combinations intended to make you think and feel and even sing along. His music is an intriguing blend of folk, folk rock and ballads, lyrically rich in emotional content and melodically comfortable. It is commonly called “close to the bone.”

Mark moved to north of Boston in the early 90's and spent a considerable time in the contemporary Christian, Folk and Singer/Songwriter circles learning and sharing his gifts. At the end of 2021 he moved back West and now resides in the Phoenix Arizona area, where he continues to explore the depths of the human condition, and how to meaningfully express that musically.