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No Guarantee – Mark Bishop Evans – 20220302

She opened the door, and a smile touched her eyes.
She couldn’t have known who was there
I looked like a waif standing there in the rain
but somehow, I knew she wouldn’t care
She opened her arms, and she offered a sigh,
and then she said, “Well, what have we here?”
I gathered her up, held her close to my heart
and felt all the time disappear – the time disappear

She invited me in from the night and the cold.
“Would you care for a warm cup of tea?”
“Here, give me that coat, can you stay for a while?
Feels like it’s been centuries.”
I couldn’t but notice that the passing of time
hadn’t touched her at all
And the joy of this girl I still loved
wasn’t hard to recall

How could we know that the love of a friend
can run as deep as the sea
Take all the love that is there when you can
for life gives you no guarantee – no guarantee

We sat and we talked of the lives we had known.
All of the sorrows and the joys
We both had our share of stories to tell.
“Oh, by the way, how are your boys?”
It finally came round to the past we had shared
as both of us knew that it would.
Remembering nights way beyond any dream
and sharing what love that we could - love that we could

Morning has come and we’re still sitting here.
The night and the past flown away
Turning I saw she was looking at me.
“So, tell me, how long can you stay?”