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Andy’s Place – by Mark Bishop Evans - July 14, 2022

There’s a place in the valley most people can show you the street
The sign on the door says the place is called Andy and Pete’s
It’s known for the chowder and fine music played on guitars
Pete was the singer and Andy he tended the bar.

Now Andy’s the worker and Pete, he’s the partying’ kind
But they worked well together, and things had been going just fine
They’d been partners since childhood, their friendship was made long ago
But beginnings and endings are something we can’t always know

The bar was near empty the night that that lady came in
Pete sang her stories of the people and places he’d seen
He sat at her table, and they flirted for most of the night
When they left for the motel Andy said she didn’t seem right

The jukebox playing some country that nobody knows
And the couple that’s dancing are really too drunk and it shows
Outside the winds picking up and the storm clouds are gathering off to the West
And the neon’s inviting you to come in and give it a rest

Next day at noon time Pete called to say he’d be late
And when he never showed up Andy just assumed it was fate
And there the next day on the door was a note with a tack
Pete said he’s leaving not sure when or if he’ll be back

Be six months this Thursday and Pete finally dropped him a line
She left him in Tulsa and anyway he’s doing fine
The place hasn’t changed much except for the sign on the door
Andy’s, it says now, cause Pete isn’t there anymore