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Takes a Pain to Know One – Mark Bishop Evans

On some quiet evening while sitting alone
I patiently ponder the loves that I’ve known, and I find
I never have lost
And mostly the pleasure was worth what it cost

For sure I’ve known heartaches and plenty of joy
By what other way will a girl or a boy come to know
The meaning of trust
To follow their feelings and do what they must

You just smile, it’s not always fun
Cause it takes a pain (for you) to know one
The answers to questions get lost in the sun
Again, I’ll explain through blue skies or rain
That It takes a pain to know one

While sifting through memories you risk being caught
By some old lost memory of something you though left behind
And buried for good
It may be surprising to find that you would

Have trouble relating the then to the now
Accepting that living will change you somehow, right or wrong
It’s still good to know
That all of your pieces are part of your whole

Once you’ve had sorrow you know how it feels
And you can discern the false from the real
In love you’ll have both the joy and the pain
You can’t lose the one while the other remains