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Special thanks to Nicole Pesce for her piano on “Cryin’ Time Again”.


Cryin’ Time Again - Mark Bishop Evans

Cryin’ time again. I watched you walk away
And it’s cryin’ time again. I don’t know what to say
to show a sign I guess it wasn’t meant this time.
Still I’m glad that you were mine.

And it cryin’ time again. It had to be this way
And it’s cryin’ time again. Our time has slipped away
like in a dream
A solitary lover’s scheme. Nothing’s ever what it seems
and it’s crying time again

Days will steal the pain come the April rain it will all wash away
But ‘til that mornin’ comes I’ll say

It’s cryin’ time again, someday I’ll find away
And it’s crying time again, someday I know she’ll stay
And then I’ll see the way that love was meant to be
And then my nights will never be a cryin’ time again